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Recent Public Tattoo Pictures
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Pic Title: Dragon Tattoo 10-17-09
Poster: joogenman1
Posted: Dec-08-2011
Pic Title: Piranha Sleave Tattoo Michael J Torsky
Poster: Torsky
Posted: Nov-20-2011
Pic Title: Misfits Fiend Club Logo Tattoo Michael J Torsky
Poster: Torsky
Posted: Nov-20-2011
Pic Title: Hand Tattoo Number 13 Michael J Torsky
Poster: Torsky
Posted: Nov-20-2011
Randomly Selected Tattoo Pictures:
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Pic Title: Violin F-Holes
Poster: rachaelkistler
Posted: Jun-24-2007
Pic Title: .25 sleeve pic #2
Poster: Addict
Posted: Jul-11-2008
Pic Title: Amsterdam 2006
Poster: bainebiker
Posted: Jun-10-2006
Pic Title: Shawntae's Ladybugs
Poster: LaNette
Posted: Jul-05-2009

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Cool Tattoo Ideas
If you have decided to get a tattoo, you should be careful in choosing your design. Tattoos last as long as your skin. You can choose to remember a loved one, or an important event with a tattoo or you can choose to make a personal statement ...

The Sun Design Is A Tattoo Tradition
One of the most universally popular tattoo designs is the sun. Many cultures have used their own stylized representation of this symbol of life to decorate their bodies. Across all of the continents and islands of the Earth, this symbol, in it's many forms, remains constant. It stands for infinity, rebirth and fertility in every part of the world ...

The Reasons Behind Polynesian Tattoos
Polynesian tattoos are one of the many kinds of ancient art that has managed to infiltrate the modern world of tattooing that exists today. It has become famous because of the alternative ways that it uses to convey images of different tattoo images and figures ...

Small Tattoos
If you are new in the tattoo world, then you may want to start yourself off on small tattoos. The design is up to you but small tattoos are really the way to go if you have a virgin skin ...

Meanings of Hawaiian Tattoos
Tattoos are a very important part of the rich Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian tattoos are used to identify a person's tribe and also as a means to express one's self. Tattooing is also a kind of celebration in Hawaii ...

Common Star Tattoos
One of the classic designs that are popular among many people is star tattoos. It has been popular because of the fact that it can be simple in design yet large in meaning and significance. Aside from that, stars are not usually ...

Tribal Sun Tattoo Designs - Where To Find Them
In many ancient cultures the sun was considered a god. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs and Mayans all worshipped a sun god. They created stylized representations of the sun and used them in their artwork ...

Lower Back Tribal Tattoos
Whatever the size you want your tattoo to be, there is no doubt that the best body part to get them inked is your lower back. Your lower back is not only a huge canvas that can accommodate a large and wonderful tattoo ...

Tips for Lettering Tattoos
Lettering tattoos have several styles. For instance, you can have a lettering tattoo which is associated with an image. You can also have pure lettering tattoos. Not only this, you can also choose foreign language lettering tattoos such as kanji tattoos, Celtic tattoos, tribal lettering tattoos ...

Small Tattoo Ideas
For those deciding to get a tattoo for the first time, finding the right design is very important. The are many places to view tattoo designs, or art that can be adapted to a tattoo. The Internet is a marvelous resource. Prominent tattoo artists often have their own websites where they display their art ...

Tips on Getting Foot Tattoos
Foot tattoos are very popular especially among women because they are usually small, simple, and can easily be hidden from unwanted judgmental observers. This is especially popular among working women in the city ...

Girly Tattoos
Years ago, tattoos were considered as something only males can wear. It was considered masculine and no woman wanted to have tattoos on their bodies for fear of being branded as rebellious or other negative names ...

Free Tattoo Designs
Each and every one of us is always on the lookout for great deals and any way to save money that we can find. With the Internet being so popular these days, many people often turn to the Internet for free tattoo designs ...

Tribal Tattoo Designs
In the world of tattoo designs there are thousands of potential tattoos to choose from. Each and every day, there are new designs added to studios and online tattoo websites. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days, making the designs all the more important ...

Kim Kardashian tattoos
Did you know Kim Kardashian have a tattoo and a famous tape? ...
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